Jadeite jade

Legacy Gemstones and Metals DMCC has acquired an exclusive global sales and distribution agreement for a mining operations in Guatemala, which meets high quality requirements suitable for crafting as sculptures, tools, tumbleware, ornamental, jewelry and other finished products.

It’s the mystical gem of eternal life and love. The stone of heaven. 

Venerated for centuries by our ancestors more than gold. A true treasure from Guatemala. 

Jadeite & Nephrite

Gemologists have identified 2 types: Jadeite and Nephrite. Guatemala produce Jadeite which is rarer and harder to find. On Moh´s scale, where diamond is ranked 10, jadeite oscillates between 7.0-7.5

Jadeite is a silicate of sodium and aluminium with colourful elements. Jade begins its formation at 10,000 feet deep withing the earth with a greyish white colour  while emerging to the surface, due to high temperatures and pressures, other minerals adhere to it creating an incredible variety of colours some of them exclusive of the Guatemalan region.


The most usual colour is the green shade caused by the presence of chrome. 

The most exclusive colour is the Imperial Green which is very rare and is only found in the small veins of the stone and is considered almost an impossible find.

The black colour is produced by the presence of iron, a dense and intense black is exclusive of Guatemala.

Titanium produces colours such as baby blue, light pink and lavender.

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